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The Stark Experience

I came across Bemyoda while interning with Alternative Music Nigeria. What struck me from the very first song I listened to is Bemyoda’s unique sound and the fact that he dares to be different and stay true to sounds that inspire him.  His well-crafted lyrics remind you of life’s conditions which is an inexhaustible topic. The wait for Stark was a very long one but it was worth it. The first single released from the album is ‘’I Told’’ I had the song on replay for days, it reminds me to cast fear aside at my lowest point and instead choose to embrace the light and the truth. The album listening for Stark was over the long Democracy weekend, it was a multimedia experience of photographs and the beautiful songs on the album. My sister Olaoluwa and Bukky, my Lagos partner in crime, went to the album listening at Red Door Gallery in Victoria Island. The gallery is such a beautiful space and the decoration and art pieces transport you to a different place where things are beautiful and sad…

Raining Season Reading List

I don’t enjoy raining season. I hate that my nose and chest don’t function right once the season starts and how this lingers till the dry season. Because of my poor nose and chest, I hardly go out so this leaves me with the burden of entertaining myself. On the plus side I get to binge watch series and read a lot of books.  I love reading and each book takes me on a different journey and they have a way of staying with me long after I am done with the book. The emotions in the books linger and this makes me see the people around me differently understand and appreciate their struggles. I am subscribed to a number of Reading Blogs and they release their ‘’Summer Reading List’’ about the same time the Raining Season starts. But for me it isn’t warm days where I get to go to the beach, I am curled up in bed reading and letting the stories take me on exciting journey. I was making a list of the books I have read in 2017 and I thought why not share my list and get my book-lover friends to sh…

Ore's Playlist July 2017

For the most part of this month, I have listened to the Starlight album by Bethel Music on repeat. The album is really beautiful, it reminds me of the closeness of God, the fact that God is involved in every aspect of our day to day lives. It is also a reminder to show love and look for the beauty in the world regardless of all the hate and bitterness. So there are two songs from the album on this month’s playlist. The next song on this month’s playlist is a song of submission to the process and letting God change us from the inside and not getting discouraged when we seem to be fail. The next is a song that tells of God’s beauty, and for the duration of the song you just enjoy singing along. The last is a song that will make you question why we love God, our reason for worship and service.
King of My Heart by Steffany Gretzinger and Jeremy Riddle (Bethel Music)For The One by Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music)Working on Me by CalledOut MusicMost High by Nosa and Nathaniel BassyMake Jesus Fam…

Letters To July I

Dear Kike, Why don’t we have any cute photos together? I realized this when I finally sat down to write this letter, we have one that we took at my graduation but I don’t think it counts. When next we see we will have to rectify this.   Kiks, I am writing because I miss you, I miss having you in the same time zone - now I have to look up the time whenever I want to text or call and it is stressful. I miss painting our nails to match our moods, black nails for weeks we were unhappy, red nails for weeks we were excited and all the colours in between, my brain can’t remember what each colour stood for. Every now and again, I am transported to that summer we spent together. It was the summer you graduated from University and your mum’s latest shop attendant was discovered to be stealing so she was fired. You became the shop attendant and I became your assistant. We sat in the shop and talked about your budding relationship with “B” and how my relationship with ‘’Do Not Call’’ was doomed, y…

Happy 100th Post!!!

I published the 100th post on The over Thinker a few weeks ago, I had something planned to celebrate this milestone in my blogging/writing journey, but what I had planned didn’t feel right. So I skipped it. In place of what I had planned I will be appreciating those that have contributed to the blog over the past three years, those who have encouraged me, helped me edit and create content. So shout out to Mr, Johnson, thank you first for being my friend, for reading my poorly written initial drafts for many of the post on the blog, for assisting in fine-tuning my ideas and ensuring I stay true to the vision of the blog. Happy 100th Post. Thank you to Pelumi Kayode for editing posts and ensuring the world isn’t subjected to my poorly punctuated write ups. Michael for taking photos, designing posters and giving me my first lessons in Canva. Thank you to Oni for always reading the blog, to Gbemi for believing in me long before I had the courage to share my work with the world. To Derin and…

Mid-Year Review: Lessons From 2017 so far…

We all know how I love making lists and sharing them, so this is list of what I have learnt in 2017. I really hope you find something you can relate with. Let’s do this review together, let me know in the comments below what your lessons from 2017 are.
1. Try things you are 100% sure you will not love; it just might turn out fear of the unknown led to your dislike of those things. 2.   Visit your friends; make out time, no matter how busy your schedule is, to build your relationships with the people in your life. 3.   Find a fellowship that is a group to study the bible with, share life experiences and pray, this will lead to you not feeling alone in your daily struggles. 4.   Go on a date with yourself, you deserve to be celebrated. 5.   Remember to buy your parents a gift; I am sure they will appreciate it 6.   Buy books for your friend’s babies; this will solidify your role as the bookish aunty or uncle plus it is never too early to start reading. 7.   Visit Café Neo and order a Pennine.

Hear No Evil Speak No Evil Week Six (About Make Music Lagos) By RepJ 360

Make Music Lagos was essentially Lagos' celebration of World Music Day, like Make Music New York. It happened on the 21st of June and will happen again next year (if you missed it), God willing. It was a very enjoyable event. Quick side note, this year the organizers were able to pull off 12 small concerts simultaneously at 12 different locations whilst also setting up for a grand finale, among other kinds of events. The smaller concerts had a plethora of varied acts, which my band was part of. It is this smaller events I am referring to. It was an entirely enjoyable event, like I said, especially when you consider the scale and the fact that it was free. As we prepared to take the stage, several other acts presided us, all of whom were Christian acts. I am for affirming your beliefs and using opportunities to evangelize, I mean my band name is RepJ360 (the 'J' standing for Jesus) so it is clear that I am unashamed of my faith and wear it boldly. So, imagine my shock, surpri…

Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil - Week Five by RepJ360

The notion of love is one that has been clouded by many ideas for a very long time. Chief of which is the "ride into the sunset" idea of love - at the end of the movie the man and the woman ride into a picturesque sunset which insinuates happiness, peace, prosperity and all the other good kinds of things. Sadly, when we get that moment in the sunset in real life (if we get it), the sun will rise again the next day and there would countless more sunrises after that. We are not equipped to handle what comes next, because in our heads the movie should have ended. So when things start getting hard and less picturesque we automatically start to think some is wrong and therefore we need to perhaps end it. But know this; Love is not always "lovey-dovey", love is not always sweet words and grand gestures. It is a battle that we wage, it is a decision that we make, it is an action that we take or an action we choose not to take. The world would continue to sell the idea of …

Letters To My Husband - Lists And Expectations

Dear Husband, A few months ago, I tore up the list I made for you; the list included all the thing I hoped you would be, it was a huge relief for me because then I don’t have to feel like I was settling whenever I liked someone that didn’t check every box of my well thought out list. I replaced my list of more than 20 items with just two items I think are of utmost importance, I will be sharing those two things with you but first,a few things I have learnt. One, God is preparing me for you and our children, with the lessons learnt in the most unusual ways, I am not great at asking for help when it comes to house chores, I have a system and I don’t like when it is altered,  a few weeks ago I felt the unusual desire to ask for help when I was working in the house, I learnt that my system may not always be the best approach and working with another person cuts my work in half, this is making me more open to others suggestions and less stuck up in my ways. I believe this is a vital tool th…

Olubukunola Tijani's Playlist

I love music a lot and I believe it speaks to me in ways I can't imagine. I enjoy music with deep lyrics that teach me and help me in different situations I find myself, I love music that help keep me in God's presence and remind me of His never ending love for me and the essence of my purpose in life. So many songs have touched my life but I'd love to share some that are currently on repeat for me and have also stayed with me for a long time now.
What a Beautiful name by Hillsong: This song reminds me always of the person who God is and what He means to me. Whenever I feel like worshiping God and remind myself of the things He has done for me I sing this in my head. God's name is powerful, He's been there even from the beginning of creation, The song says he's the word made flesh, He's name is powerful and will remain with me even till the end of time.Letting Go by Steffany Gretzinger: I love Bethel music and Steffany Gretzinger is like a role model for me. …

Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil - Week Three by RepJ360

"God is not a human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does He Speak and not act? Does He promise and not fulfill.
God is not a man. Thank God for that. If God were man, repentance would be a tedious business. With God, because of Jesus, we need only ask with a contrite heart and our forgiveness is certain. He holds His word higher than Himself so that when he says a thing he will do it unfailing, so that when he gives a promise it will not go forth without accomplishing what it is sent out to. It is this kind of person that you can trust with all your heart because Numbers 23:19.
This week:
Lord your word is the Voice Of Truth and it says your Shoulders bare our shame. We believe repentance Dare('s) You To Move in our lives. We will always Trust In You. It's Alright because I'm Yours.
Devotional Playlist is a collection of good songs - posted daily - that have taught us (RepJ360) something new and reminded us about the love of God. The…

Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil Week Two by RepJ360

God loves you" and "Jesus loves you" have been the punchline of every evangelical mission. So much so that for those of us in the part of the world that have heard of Jesus it has become stale news. So when someone comes over to you and says "Jesus loves you" you respond with a scowl and a "I know!! Ah!", not half knowing anything. But even after that the love is still there. No worries.

The Love of God is a weird thing. You cannot compare it to anything, you might want to say, think of a mother and her newborn child, the amount of love in that - NO! God's love is more. You literally cannot compare it to anything. It's deep... Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep... Unrealistic even. Yeah. God's love is unrealistic, it transcends the reality we live in. Think about that for a second.So when you feel bad or someone tries to make you feel bad, take it to God, His love would not turn you way, as long as you are coming to Him, He is there for you.
This Week:


A reply to Ore Fakorede’s “I Told My Mother About You” By Onomesan Oyo

I Told My Alter Ego About You He met someone and my spirit left my body I have kind eyes too and my heart can be soft 15% of the time if you are patient enough to wait after I block you out for the hundredth time I laugh harder than the sound your generator makes{I hope that counts too} I will not cry shamelessly about things but I’m willing to let you into my soul if you would come for the bus ticket I know that there is a tallness that has nothing to do with height but I can give you that and every inch of my 5ft’10inch self ;) I pray like everyone in the world holds hands and sings kumbaya and I write emails to Jesus but I promise you He still replies me I can teach you many things without opening my mouth too, show you the world through my eyes, my soul and all my different alter egos{I promise I’m not a psychopath} Your rough edges are reminiscent of  a very beautiful masterpiece that made me pause for almost an eternity the last time I was at Rele Art gallery, in other words I wouldn’t …

The Interview Series:Moriyike Mejabi

What is your name? Moriyike Mejabi What do you currently do as a job? Information Technologist As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? Hmm.. That’s a tough one- a journalist, then a designer, anything with travelling! Did primary school and secondary school shape your ideas about your dream job? Not really- I didn’t think about it as much- until I had to fill my JAMB form (to get into the University). SMH. At what point in time did you change your mind about that dream job? When I filled my JAMB form. Why did you study what you studied in university? If you have a do over will you study the same course? I consulted a bit with some successful adults at the time- and just looked at the possibilities- felt Computer Science would be a great fit. If I could have a do over- I now think this field is actually great for me, but I would explore Psychology as well.
How did the ‘’reality of adulthood’’ affect your dreams? I realized that it’s all about those skills! And you’ve got to put…